Defying the System One Worthy Woman at a Time, Your Personal Breakthrough Session

I help women of color transition from the jobs they were trained in to the careers they were built for.

I believe that when women of color win, we all win.

When women of color feel confident, supported, and unashamed they flourish in ways that sustain themselves, their families, and their communities. We feel free to show up. We speak up and feel safe enough to be vulnerable and ask for help.

But the realities of internalized oppression hamper our belief in ourselves and our abilities.

It makes us devalue who we are and what we know. We believe that the only women of color who succeed are the magical ones. In comparison, we feel ordinary.

It is our culture that needs to “do better.”

In the meantime, we can unapologetically reclaim our worthiness and confront internalized oppression so we stoping chasing someone else’s dream and start living our own.

Are you ready to see what’s possible?


The Courage Practice:

Woke Up Worthy’s 5-Phase Signature Coaching Process

Empowering Women of Color to Build Fulfilling Careers and Overcome Internalized Oppression with Our Unique 5-Phase Framework

01: Clarify The Real Goal

As women of color, we often limit ourselves to what we think is possible, not what we genuinely desire. Or we become so used to going after the practical that we're not sure what we want. This phase is about unearthing what you genuinely want, even if it seems unattainable, because naming it is the first step to claiming it.

02: Unhook Self-Worth From Outcome

We've been conditioned to link our worth to our achievements, but our value is not determined by our successes or failures. Learn to unhook self-worth from the outcome so that you open yourself to limitless possibilities without the fear of failure holding you back.

03: Understand Internalized Oppression

This step involves recognizing and acknowledging how societal messages have shaped our beliefs and actions. Because we're told we must be twice as good to get half as far, we equate success with exhaustion, anxiety, and a frenzied pace. Here, we learn to decolonize success so we accomplish our goal with ease and grace.

04: Develop Your Elevated Action Plan

In this phase of the coaching process, we split our focus. One part is about creating a practical, actionable plan toward the goal. The other is about developing practices to nurture your inner strength so that you have the tools to support your outer journey.

05: Cultivate Fierce Friendships

Fierce friendships are a network of support where you can be unapologetically yourself. All of your hopes, fears, and dreams are welcomed without judgment or shame so that you feel sustained along your journey toward your goals. Fierce friends aren't just the wind beneath your wings, they are the caring force propelling them. In this phase of our work together, you'll learn how to cultivate them.

What’s Included:

  • (1) pre-call assessment to learn more and discover the coaching approach that works best for you.
  • (1) 90-minute goal setting session to dig deep into the work we’ll do together.
  • 60-minute coaching calls scheduled every other week to keep you on track with your goals and uncovered any internalized perceptions that might be holding you back for a minimum of 4 months
  • Unlimited email and/or voice note support between sessions for those moments when you need advice from someone in your corner
  • Tools, resources, and tailored homework assignments
  • Accountability to keep you on track toward your vision for the future


There is a 4-month minimum required.


Our coaching packages start at $500/month.

The Courage Practice is for you if you want to: 

Create a plan to change careers, start a business, find more clients, have the confidence to negotiate a higher salary, or achieve big goals in a way that moves you from tired to tireless.

Earn more, be more, and live a life on their own terms because there isn’t enough budgeting in the world to close the racial wealth gap.

Learning to thrive in a world that wants to dismiss and erase us.

Accept your hearts invitation to define goals and success metrics that really matter to you.

Identify and overcome any beliefs and internalized perceptions that might be holding you back from the bigger vision for your life

Work through any issues that may come up so that you get the life you want.

Real Benefits of The Courage Practice From Past Clients

  • Learned to show up everyday and in every space as her whole self instead of reflexively code switching to make those with more power and privilege in the room feel more comfortable.
  • Stopped holding herself back from going all in on her dreams because they don’t know the “right way” to get there. Instead she took risks, trusted her inner knowing, and took the next right step even if when she didn’t know the whole path.
  • Released the idea that she needed to “get her sh*t together” before working toward her dream goal. Instead she started to ground herself in the belief that she is worthy of her dream right here, right now.
  • Ignored seemingly well-meaning advice that told her she must behave and look a certain way to be successful. This is a no win situation because the bounds of respectability politics are never grounded in who we are. Instead, they are established by how close we are to whiteness.
  • Founded companies, transitioned to new careers, and created business development plans resulting in new clients, and negotiated a $15K per year increase in a salary offer.
  • Returned to loving herself exactly as she is and bravely set out to achieve the success she wants on her own terms.

I'm really grateful for my experience with Toya. She was patient and adaptive and really got to know me and what I cared about. Her process helped me confirm to myself what space I wanted to be in and what I needed to do to get there. She made this much easier by breaking everything down into manageable steps and making me feel like we were making progress even when I wasn't sure. I'm now in a job that I really enjoy and that wouldn't have happened without her guidance. Thank you!

Adam Ghebrekristos


Woke Up Worthy A La Carte Sessions

A la carte coaching session is for you if you are:

Looking for guidance or insight for a specific or immediate problem

Want to reserve time on Toya’s calendar for a non-recurring coaching check-ins

Need Toya’s help diagnosing a specific business problem and tailoring a strategy to solve it

What’s Included:

  • (1) 60-minute coaching call scheduled as needed;
  • Toya’s 1-on-1 attention and use of her creative problem solving skills to expand what is possible to resolve any hiccup or accountability challenge; and
  • One (1) video or audio recording of the session.


    This is a single session. No further commitment required.



    Toya's experience, insight, coaching, and overall kindness was incredible - she is like the nonjudgmental friend you can talk to about the not-so-fun decisions you have to make in life. From the very first time I met with Toya, she empowered me to be the truest, best version of me, and, throughout our time together, she helped me get clear on who that woman is and how to be more intentional about being more fulfilled. While I ultimately decided not to make an immediate career move, I have better clarity and peace about my decision and future plans - professionally and personally. Thank you, Toya!

    Jen C.

    My favorite part about working with Toya is her ability to help me create efficiencies of scale for my personal life so that I can spend time on those things that are more meaningful to me. This service has helped me to rethink my brand and my messaging and to focus my message/communication with intention. I would tell my friends to consider working with Toya to help them move out of their comfort and to take a chance on themselves. They can’t lose.

    Lisa Deveaux

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes your coaching approach different?

    My approach to coaching women of color is unique in that I do not ignore or bypass the effects of internalized oppression by reducing them to a mindset issue. We all having limiting beliefs, but for women of color, some things are just straight up oppression. Through my work as a coach, I acknowledge oppression when it shows up and provide strategies and tools to help my clients grapple with it.

    How do you define women of color?

    By women of color, I am referring to all who identify as women of color, specifically Black, Asian, Latina, Indigenious, and multi-racial women. Woke Up Worthy centers the experience of all who identify as women of color in our coaching approach.

    Do you only work with women of color?

    At Woke Up Worthy, I center the experience of folks who identify as women of color in my coaching approach. However, I do not discriminate and will work with any coaching client who is a right fit.

    How much can I expect to pay for coaching?

    Woke Up Worthy’s recurring coaching packages start at $500/month and a la carte sessions are $450 per session. At Woke Up Worthy, we recognize that the strain on the dollar for women of color is greater than that of other racial groups. So we structure our pricing to meet the needs of our audience AND the needs the women responsible for the services provided here.

    How do I know if I’m ready for (or need) a coach?

    The question you should ask isn’t whether you are ready. It’s whether you are willing to truly take steps toward achieving your goals. If you are willing and you have dream goal you want to achieve or cycle that you have been trying to break for sometime without success, then coaching will help.

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